The world is saturated with visual information. Today it is more important than ever to communicate clearly and surpass the prevailing trends and styles. Focusing on the essence, we design identities that stand out.
Crowdsourced identity for the Slovenian biennial of design
brumen x • case study
Exciting visual identity for the multiscreen world
CELTRa • case study
Rap album published as a book
matter • case study
Studio that explores the potential of in-between space
svet vmes
Identity for a urbanist studio influenced by the public spaces
Ljubljana design biennial identity based on sad stats
26th Biennial of Design Ljubljana • case study
Initiative designed to educate & entertain people entering the world of business
d.labs • case study
Angry internet comments turned into posters for an event
radio študent
Local food joint in a legendary Yugoslavian kiosk K67
Distilled sober spirits that reflect a personality
vera spirits
A film festival about architecture & urbanism
Thoughtful business online education for designers
Bringing plant-based products to an omnivores plate
Music festival promoting up-and-coming artists
klubski maraton
Thoughtful business online education for designers
A 21st century speakeasy club in your living room
FLAVIAR • case study
Theatre posters based on the fonts from the 20th century playbills
šentjakobsko gledališče
Edinburgh based event place inspired by aerial views of farmland
Distilling an old tradition into a new drink
destilarna zima • case study
Abandoned place turned into a popular hair salon
First aid for saving your phones
Designing avant-garde Slovenian boy band
matter • case study
How to bring an online experience into a physical store?
Design system for Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Dentists don't have to be boring
Rollable cycle fender for fixies