identity • matter
Identity that takes cues from Slovenian national symbols
Identity, Concept, Graphic Design, Visualisation
The third studio album of the hyped Slovenian rap trio Matter is a trilogy called Troglav. We created a visual identity that takes cues from Slovenian national symbols, its flag, national colours and emblem, picturing the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav. The result is an abstraction of a new republic that embodies the trios ambition to redefine Slovenian music and with it the core of Slovenian identity. Visual identity of Troglav is reflected in the bands' clothing line designed by Sonja Tomic. A fashion statement complemented the light show and video projections done by Dorijan Šiško at Matter album release concert in Kino Šiska and Kino Udarnik. The visual language of the show questions the role of national symbolism in state celebrations.