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Bring to front
Live online workshops for creatives
A flag system for a multi-planetary civilisation
planetary flags
An exhibition you can visit after the human race has already gone extinct.
RIP people
World's first labor union for artificial intelligence
ai union
What will fully digitalised government services look like?
republika 2.0
How The Miha Artnak sold a painting for 1.2 million
Good Fake News S01E01
Bitcoin City, this is my city
Good Fake News S01E02
Bringing plant-based products to an omnivores plate
A font that reads your texts and notifies you of government surveillance
project seen
Chatbot that tells you when your bus is coming
Willkommen, Welcome, Bienvenue, Benvenuti, ...
Addressing housing crisis in Slovenia
stanovanjska kriza
A chatbot awareness campaign at the beginning of the pandemic