RIP people
An exhibition you can visit after the human race has already gone extinct.
The human race went completely extinct in the year of 2041. The exact cause of the Great Extinction is still unknown. However, it is thought to have been linked to the consequences of an economic system which was based on endless growth and accumulation of capital and escalated into an emotional economy during the last decade. Emotional economy was built upon recognizing, understanding and manipulating human emotions with an intention to increase consumer demand. The main digital currency of the time was EmotiCoin which was based on the people’s emotional state in real-time. This was remarkably interfering with people’s everyday lives, since all the users were connected into a single global system that took care of the stability of the economy through emotional balance.

You’re welcome to visit a typical human dwelling that has been preserved since the Great Extinction.
The living room was the centre of entertainment, socializing and even shopping. In 2038, the company River™set a new milestone in online shopping - the ordered goods were delivered directly to users' living rooms through P.I.P.E.™ system with the Speed of Light™. When people weren’t shopping, they would spend their EmotiCoins bidding on Emotional Lottery, virtual travelling to places that don’t exist anymore, they would pay prophets for a brighter future, and pay with their organs for fixing all the health issues found in their bodies. To avoid the feeling of loneliness, people turned their furniture such as sofas and cabinets into pets with a pair of eyes which enhanced objects with sentience and character.
As all the other activities in life, resting was controlled by technology and AI. The Sleep Manager™ app offered a paid premium version of sleep where the user could access their dream archive, join group dreaming, and view dreams of influencers. However, with the free version of sleeping, the user had to dream of ads all night long.
As the artificial intelligence took over most of the work, people were left with earning money on online platforms such as SexFlex, where they would satisfy multiple other users with physical and emotional erotic stimulation.
Eating has become very pragmatic. The basic food ingredient was the Box™ as it contained enough nutrients to sustain a human body. The R-eat system enabled users to add various flavours that brought back memories from the past for additional charge. The flavours of positive emotions were of course more expensive than those who brought back negative states of mind.
Going outside was highly unrecommended due to all the climate change effects. If one absolutely had to step out the comfort of their home, they would have to wear the protective Thermo Poncho™.