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Distilling an old tradition into a new drink
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The story of ZIMA dates back to 1965, when Emil’s granddad bought an orchard in Eastern Slovenia, once belonging to a Yugoslavian fruit cooperative. While he made a living with fresh fruits, every winter he would take the time to produce something far more delicate – a spirit made from finest Williams pears, viljamovka. We rediscovered the spirit in 2016 and joined forces with Evrosad to create one of the finest traditional Slovenian drinks. ZIMA (Slovenian for winter) is inspired by local tradition and designed with a vision of global market success.
Metaphors are an important learning tool
For each of more than 200 flavours found in spirits we created a independent metaphoric illustration, which instead of literal depictions often uses playful visual impersonations of the feeling or association one has when tasting a certain Flavour. Each bottle has it’s own ‘Flavour Spiral’ that shows 9 of the most prominent flavours found in a drink.
The tangibility of illustrations makes it easier for the user to recognise flavours faster. Seeing re-occurring visual impressions over and over results in a mental cloud of the flavours one likes and essentially helps when choosing what to buy or order.
Buying booze
There is also another, less educational aspect to the app … Flaviar’s bottle and Tasting Box offer that you can order straight from the app. If all the whisky knowledge dries your brain, you can always order a dram from Flaviar.