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A campaign that shows the potential of the cultural and creative sector in Slovenia
Centre for Creativity
Branding, Strategy, Campaign, Art direction, Graphic design, Animation
In 2020 Centre for Creativity launched a statistical analysis of the Slovenian cultural and creative sector together with The Institute for Economic Research. The study shows the size, qualities, and potential of the industry from an economic angle. We have designed a practical booklet summarizing the research and translated those boring numbers into appealing infographics, surprising fact-checks, a playful website, insightful podcasts, and an interactive video to engage the general public.
The unicorn is the campaign's mascot, showing the creative industry's promising potential and representing cultural and creative workers as essential players in the economy who contribute to innovation and development with their unique creative abilities.
We have equipped the summary of the study with eloquent graphs and charts, and pointed out the most surprising numbers and facts.
We have translated the most outstanding and the most alarming research findings into quirky illustrations that make the data understandable and interesting for everyone.
We have gathered some incorrect, misleading statements from articles and social media, which label the cultural and creative sector as a financial burden of society. By placing facts with infographics next to them, we have proved them wrong and broken those myths about the sector in a humorous way.
The statistical analysis launched in the middle of a pandemic when the cultural sector was severely affected by strict measures such as canceling all cultural events, closing of cultural institutions, working from home, etc. At the same time, this sector hasn't received any appropriate government aid, which plunged many cultural workers into financial distress. We have designed a website that compares the promising position of the cultural and creative sector before the pandemic with the worrying situation afterward to highlight the issue and provided links to websites where people can help the cultural workers in need.
We have joined forces with Bring to Front podcast to talk to cultural workers and creatives about the conditions, possibilities, and opportunities in the industry, their work, views, and visions for the future.
Interactive video
To raise awareness of the general public, we have created an interactive video in collaboration with Miha Možina and Temporama Production Studio, which invites people to learn about the scope, meaning, and importance of the cultural and creative sector in a playful manner.
The event
The campaign's peak happened on the 19th of June 2021 when CzK organized an event to celebrate the cultural and creative sector. We have designed the event and its identity as a birthday party featuring a birthday cake that functions like a pie chart showing statistics about the precarious forms of employment within the sector. The missing piece of the cake from the visual identity was materialized into an installation for children to sit and play on during the event.